Leisure and surroundings

"The course of the seasons is a clock in which a cuckoo goes 'cuckoo' when spring arrives." (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

Holiday in the circle of the four seasons
Each day brings a new adventure, each season an unforgettable experience.
Nature changes throughout the year with the change of the seasons. Work on the farm and a vacation at our Bruggnhof are so different and varied too.
Daily routine on the farm is characterised by nature and the seasons. As a guest of the Bruggnhof you will experience this from close up.

Leisure time and surroundings
With the „Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass – museumobil Card” it is very easy to enjoy your leisure time: With this guest card you can use all public means of transport in South Tyrol and visit 80 museums, collections and exhibitions anywhere in South Tyrol. (Further information is available here.)

Whether you are looking for an active sporting holiday, are seeking out the culture or just want to relax, on and around Lake Kaltern (see the 360° photo of Kaltern) you can organise your holiday exactly as you wish. In early spring the lake is already a popular destination for swimming and excursions. Of course, water sports and angling are not allowed on and around Lake Kaltern. As well as Lake Kaltern, there are other charming lakes, the two Montiggler lakes and Lake Fennberger, where you can swim and bathe.
And if that is not enough, there is a wealth of enjoyable sports opportunities, from hiking through cycling and running to riding.

We will be delighted to assist you in discovering the infinite possibilities for hiking. For example, how about a hike across the Kalterer Ridgeway, through the nearby Rastenbach Gorge, up to the ruined Leuchtenburg castle or to the Großer and Kleiner Roßzahn? Or, by taking the 2 minute walk from the Bruggnhof to the valley station of the Mendel funicular railway, simply climb more than 800 metres in altitude in 12 minutes and set out from the Mendelpass for a mountain hike through wonderful scenery to the Roen, Penegal or Gantkofel with views across to the Schwarzhorn und Weißhorn mountains.
If you want to get up high, you can breathe in the mountain air in the nearby high ropes climbing course at the St. Anton sports area.

At the sports area you will also discover two children's playgrounds in the forest, just inviting your children to let off steam. In and around the forest pond you can observe fish and turtles in their natural surroundings and eavesdrop on the frogs' concerts. For sportsmen and women there are a keep-fit path and athletics facilities.

If you are more attracted by bikes, you have a choice of tours of varying degrees of difficulty: whether you want to pedal gently with the whole family among vineyards and through the fruit trees in blossom or to head up the mountains on a mountain bike, you choose where your fancy leads you.

Or what about a stroll through the village? It takes just 15 minutes along a pretty promenade to reach the traffic-calmed centre of the village of Kaltern. There, various shops tempt you to stroll and there are many restaurants offering traditional and Mediterranean cuisine.

Stately homes, castles and manor houses in the immediate area offer inviting opportunities for sightseeing.
In the Kaltern Museum of Wine you will learn lots of interesting things about wine production at Lake Kaltern, before tasting the wine and culinary specialities of the region at one of the many wine festivals in Kaltern and along the South Tyrolean Wine Route, where you will gain an insight into how the wine-grapes are grown and the wine is produced.

And if your taste is more musical, you will be spoilt for choice. In the summer months of July and August, the annual Kalterer Seespiele present the lake in totally different atmosphere in the twilight. At these times summer evenings the villages are enriched and enlivened by concerts and theatre productions.


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