„To be perfectly happy lead to composure.“ (Laotse)

Sauna means relaxing, revitalizing, source of power for body, spirit and soul
The contrast of hot and cold, stimulation and relaxation, have always been sought and applied by humans.
Sweating in the sauna stimulates your health and results in relaxation.

It was a conscious decision to realise an outdoor Finnish sauna. The advantage: you can immediately cool off in fresh air, something which is simply part and parcel of going to the sauna.

Hot stone meets hot skin, scent of wood rushes to your nose, a soothing feeling of warmth is caressing your body, the soul finds internal level-headedness, the time has stopped – our panorama sauna lets dance your senses and becomes far more than just a sauna hut: place into which you can retreat, which is dedicated to well-being, space for the own body e for yourself. Everything else can wait.

From the dry sauna made of old wood your gaze travels outside at the Dolomites, while inside your body’s defences experiences a refreshment and you sweat gently in the midst of scents that transports you back to childhood adventures: a trace of meadow, wood and herbs. So it feels just more pleasant in the sauna.

In the anteroom of the sauna, the magic and healthy warm strength of the bright infrared radiators stimulates those looking to well-being. The low-temperature infrared technology guarantees deep heat that works: it can loosen tenseness, alleviate back pain, increase the supply of blood, improve the metabolism, reduce the burden of stress, heighten the regeneration after physical burden and stimulate the purification and detoxification.

Afterwards you allow oneself silence and relaxation, have a lie-down so that the relaxation can begin, allowing it to anchor itself deep inside.

Whether after a demanding hike, after a cold, rainy or snowy day, or simply to enjoy a few moments of relaxation - experience and enjoy our Finnish panorama sauna with the infrared sauna in the anteroom, the quietness and the breath-taking view of the vineyards and orchards in the backdrop.



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