Adventure/Farm animals

"Three things remain with us from paradise: stars at night, flowers during the day and the eyes of children." (Dante Alighieri)

The garden, the sunbathing lawn, the farm animals, the outdoor pool, and the playground will light up childrens' eyes!
Around the Bruggnhof there are many opportunities for children to enjoy the day.

Jumping into the cool water, rolling down the hill in the garden, playing hide and seek, helping to look for food for the animals... children are out and about in the fresh air and experience nature with all their senses.

Children can support Kathrin and Martin in feeding the rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken. Who knows, maybe you might even find one or two breakfast eggs?! Our chicken are very friendly and run towards our guests to welcome them once they see them at the entry to the farm.
Our cat Cora loves to be caressed and seeks out contact with humans - so don't be surprised if the cat wants to join you in the table tennis match!

The use of all farm and leisure time facilities is at your own risk!



Fam. Martin & Kathrin Pillon
St. Anton 59b
I-39052 Kaltern

Tel. +39 339 8588383

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